Calvary Vision

Calvary’s 3-fold Vision

Build the Church UP! 

We are beginning a Capital Campaign Drive to update our church facilities. We shall continue to reach out to others inviting them work and worship with us to build up our community and build the Kingdom of God!

Think Outside the Church

We will become social justice community advocates for better city services in the neighborhood.

        1. Media Awareness –  The pastor has spoked on radio to promote Calvary.  We are creating a press kit and will use this opportunity to promote the church.
        2. Community Awareness – We host a town meeting and pursuing a Social Justice Advocacy for Calvary.  Our goal is to become more visible in both Kashmere and the Trinity Gardens communities as a church that is actively engaged in cleaning up the community.
        3. Feeding the Hungry – We host the food pantry on the 2nd  Saturday of each month.  We are also exploring the possibility of forming partnerships to use our vacant land for an Urban Farm, Community Garden and Farmer’s Market.

 Become OVER achievers in the Kingdom of God!

The congregation shall continue to grow in Spiritual Development and live out our mantra of being a“Blessing by the Bus Stop.”  As our congregation grows closer to the Lord, the more they will become witnesses of the goodness of God.  These witnesses are natural evangelists for Calvary, and both the church and community will benefit.

Blessed to be a Blessings

Calvary is a small multi-generational church with approximately 100 members.  We have a committed core of young families which will serve faithfully.  Studies have shown that millennials are attracted to churches that are technologically A/V proficient, social media friendly and actively engaged in Community Outreach.  Consequently, Calvary will focus on making the church more appealing to young adults by doing the following:

Technology Upgrades

        1. Upgrade the church A/V system  – Installed flat screen Close Circuit TV’s in the sanctuary and fellowship hall.
        2. New Church Management Software –  Upgraded our small church management software to enable Calvary to actively communicate to our members via  email, texts, Facebook; and it will interface with our new website.
        3. New Church website – Launched a New  website with added functionality such as on-line donations, ministry sign-ups and to interface simultaneously with various social media accounts.

Partnership Opportunities

 We are identifying several partnership options as we become actively engaged in the community.  We are exploring a partnership to build an Urban Farm and host a Farmer’s Market.  We are planning also to host political town meetings to address deficiencies in city services.  This will provide a heightened community awareness for Calvary.

Source of Blessings

We shall offer Special Blessings Community Worship Services for different professions in our community.  We offered a Special Blessings service for school educators and staff in August which was very successful.  We are considering hosting a service for Law Enforcement Personnel, Retailers, Medical professions and Building Contractor Craftsmen as the Lord leads us.