Calvary is a thriving Spirit filled Church located in the Trinity-Gardens neighborhood of Houston Texas. With powerful worship, community outreach, and partnerships, Calvary serves the area with prayers, blessings, ministers and an abundance of love.

Calvary was organized in 1937 under the leadership of the late Rev. Hirlton Huey. It was organized with a few members in the home of the late Mrs. Retha Banks. The nine charter members were Mrs. Hester Archie, Mrs. Retha Banks, Mrs. Estella Brown, Mrs. Irene Frazier, Mrs. Ethel Harris, Mrs. Mary Jackson, Mrs. Eudora Mayhoe, Mrs. Luella Pruitt, and Pastor Huey.

At the Gulf Coast Annual Conference, the Ladies Aid, with Mrs. Christie Adair as president, chose Calvary as their mission project and donated $100.00 which was used toward the purchase of a lot to begin a mission church. Other efforts were made to raise money to build a church. Soon there was enough money to build a small building out of old boxcar lumber. In 1938 a small building was erected at 4819 Denmark Street. The first piano was purchased and Mrs. Huey, the Pastor’s wife, was our first pianist. Rev. Huey served the church willingly and without salary. The church was listed in 1938 under the name of “Calvary Mission.”


  • We value Truth  that sets us free in Christ

  • We value the Diversity  as a creative gift from God to humanity

  • We value Relationships  built on love, trust and mutual respect

  • We value Holy Conversations  to develop spiritual maturity

  • We value Unity  while working together to build the Kingdom



At Calvary we honor our past and traditions while embracing the present and preparing for the future. We have been blessed by dynamic pastors who have lead us and helped us to grow into the church we are today.

  • 1940

    Rev. Fred T. Lee

  • 1950

    Rev. Charles R. Williams

  • 1952

    Rev. Clarence L. Adams

  • 1958

    Rev. David E. Everett

  • 1961

    Rev. Reuben H. White

  • 1967

    Rev. Andrew Brown

  • 1969

    Rev. Jakie B. Black

  • 1970

    Rev. Andrew Harris

  • 1974

    Rev. Joseph F. Cox

  • 1980

    Rev. Blaine A. Boling

  • 1988

    Rev. Samuel L. Jenkins

  • 1990

    Rev. Darrell Houston

  • 1996

    Rev. Audrey L. Mitchell

  • 2012

    Rev. Thomas L. Walker

  • 2014

    Rev. Keith L. Somerville

  • 2016

    Rev. Lillie Ferrell